Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Second T.W. Harris Home

The following photos are of the Northwest corner of 5th and Charnelton taken over a 75 year span. It is unclear if the former residence of the Harris family mentioned in yesterdays post was moved from this site or originally next door to the west. In the last photo, taken after this house was torn down, and construction of it`s replacement had started, a section of a Victorian house can be seen at the far left which might be the original home. I also speculated in yesterdays post that this earlier house might actually be the old house still standing on the Northeast corner of 5th and Lawrence street. The first photo shows the house soon after is construction with little landscaping and a patchy lawn which was common at the time. The later photo taken a few years after the first, shows the addition of many plantings and a beautifully manicured lawn which many houses at this time did not maintain. Notice in the earliest photo, to the left of the house was a water tower. This would have facilitated easy irrigation of the property. Also of note are two wonderful pergola's or garden follies on each side of the house. Similar trellis's can be seen in early photos of other Eugene homes. This house seems to have stood until the mid 1950's when it was razed for the Tillman-Booth building which still stand on the site.

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