Friday, March 16, 2012

Kern House

This little Italianate style house was the home of of Samuel and Elizabeth Kerns, who were the parents of Maude Kerns. The address was 469 West 6th Avenue, which is now the 6th street on-ramp to the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge. When this photo was taken circa 1950 the house was "Mrs Hall's Antiques". Elizabeth Kerns, who was a widow for many years lived into her 90's in this little house. Mr. Kerns had been an early Lane County nursery stock grower. Their daughter was of course celebrated local artist Maude Kerns. An other daughter Edith, married Frank Chambers and was a society matron in Eugene for over 50 years, supporting many University fund raising events and the old "Trail to Rail" pioneer pagents from 1926-1950.

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